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Benedetta Brighenti, Vice Sindaco Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)

We are proud to have such a virtuous example of bio-architecture on our territory. Ecovillage is, in all its forms, the demonstration that with commitment and technical skills you can really change the way you build.


To Loris and his Isotex, with gratitude for the excellent work done.

Claudio Cacciali

We were the first in Italy and we are very pleased to have opted for this choice with which we have made about 650 accommodations located in about 120 buildings.


After the earthquakes of 20 and 29 May 2012, we decided to change the classic brick construction system and adopted the ISOTEX system. To date we have carried out a dozen interventions and we can state that the characteristics of this product are exceptional, as for seismic, thermal, acoustic, etc ...

Cristina Mayor

I live in L'Aquila in an Isotex house built in 2013, I am extremely satisfied even at earthquake level, after the last earthquakes the house does not present any lesions even superficial, so much so that on January 18 friends came to sleep at our home.

Alberto Rastelli

My home made entirely by Isotex blocks, did not have any injury following the earthquake 6.5 which of few days ago. I am very satisfied with the products, both for the overcome of the earthquake that thermal one.

Tito di Bartolomeo

I live in Teramo in an Isotex building since 2010. With all the shocks since August 2016, that has been not damage. I cannot help but I can recommend this material.

Simone Mastropietro

I decided to build with Isotex blocks and after the shocks that hit us in the last months and especially in January 2017 I can say that the choice was more than ever right!

Salvatore Frasca

In 2015, we started to build our house with wood cement formwork blocks, which is still to be completed, but already from now we can verify that, in terms of thermal transmittance and sound insulation, ISOTEX products are truly exceptional.

Ing. Ivo Boccanera

I send you some photos of the house located in Norcia (PG) .... Boccanera Ivo and Brothers was very satisfied with the product, especially for the overcome of the earthquake.


The two buildings were not damaged proving the efficiency and the earthquake proof of the construction system. Several buildings in our municipality, built with different systems have been evacuated and also declared unusable.


Buildings built in Isotex blocks following the Bovec (Slovenia) earthquake had not been damage and are intact in all parts, unlike many other buildings that have suffered damage and injuries vey glaring.

Polettini Pietro Company

Following the magnitude 4.9 earthquake of 14/02/2002, the buildings have not suffered any damage and they are still completely intact.

Daffara Costruzioni s.r.l.

Buildings that have undergone the Amaro (UD) seismic event with a 4.9 degree Richter scale show no damage. It is specify that the buildings are about 24 km from the epicenter of the earthquake.

Luca Goldoni

We are living hard times, but I wanted to let you know that I have just finished building the house with your material that fortunately has held up to the big shocks of the past few days without any problem. I wanted to let you know our satisfaction with Isotex.


Recently we bought a building made of ISOTEX wood cement formwork blocks. From the beginning we perceived the benefits that this constructive system has brought us in terms of living comfort and therefore of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the awareness of living in a building with great anti-seismic capacities that gives us security every day. Definitely a product to be recommended.