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Sustainable architecture and environmental friendliness are key issues for Isotex. Our products are designed according to the highest principles of green construction: eco-friendly quality natural raw materials and production processes deliver a product which promotes energy savings, improves the quality of life of housing, reduces noise pollution and prevents the occurrence of condensation and mould in the microclimate of houses which are harmful to human health.

Proof of this can be found in the numerous certifications obtained for our products. Isotex is accredited by the National Association for Green Construction (ANAB) (Associazione Nazionale Bioedilizia) and is subject to regular and rigorous checks by the certifying body, the Environment and Ethics Certification Institute (ICEA), for green construction materials certification.


ISOTEX set the utmost attention to the safeguard of the environment, to the healthiness and safety of people in all the phases connected to the productive process. This commitment has ever accompanied company decisions and has been proven by obtaining several certifications, of which the last one is the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). ISOTEX® is the first European company producing wood cement materials that has certified all the range of its products with a specific EPD for each one, validated by an independent third party.


To view all the certifications, Leed Credits and EPD Certifications obtained by Isotex in the field of sustainability and green building, visit the certification page.


Certificate of Conformity

Green building – ANAB/ICEA



Sustainability guidelines


Product sheets Isotex formwork blocks

Flooring panels product cards

Radioactivity absence certificate

EPD Wood cement
formwork blocks

EPD Wood cement

EPD Wood cement
element for acoustic barriers

FDES Block
HDIII 38/14 with cork

FDES Block
HDIII 38/14 with graphite

FDES Block
HDIII 44/20 with graphite



EcobuildingsMontale (MO)

EcobuildingsMontale (MO)

Residential complexesLe Querce - Rome

Residential complexesLe Querce - Rome

EcobuildingModena (MO)

EcobuildingModena (MO)


Choice of raw materials

The raw materials used to obtain the wood conglomerate for concrete blocks, flooring panels, partitions and acoustic barriers are carefully selected. All our products are made using only natural raw materials in full respect of the environment. Our untreated recycled coniferous wood fibre, which reduces the use of virgin raw materials, is carefully checked at every delivery to ensure that it is free of any pollutant. The cement used for the wood cement conglomerate is 99% pure Portland.

Productive process

Our drying cells reach a maximum temperature of 50°C and are powered by a wood-fired boiler that uses part of the production wood itself as fuel, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions into the atmosphere. Defective products and milling waste are ground down and fed back into the production process, therefore reducing waste to an absolute minimum. During the production process no chemicals or additives of any kind are used.

Construction site waste

Due to their workability and ease of adaptation, Isotex cement-bonded wood fibre blocks reduce waste on construction sites.

Construction site waste




The quality of our products is an objective reality that all can see and touch. We are also extremely attentive to the environment and nature, wholly committed as we are to the recycling of materials and the preservation of our ecosystem.
We must not waste what nature generously offers.
It is for this reason that we decided to use recycled and reclaimed wood in our production cycle. We do not want to cut trees to produce our blocks, so we re-use what has already served its purpose and otherwise would have reached the end of its life cycle. This is why we use untreated wood from sawmill scrap and recycled pallets, subjected to systematic and strict controls.