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No condensation


An aspect that is certainly not negligible for living comfort and the home microclimate is the passage of vapour through the walls. ISOTEX blocks are made from cement-bonded wood
fibre, which has a very low resistance to vapour μ=5.9 (see certificate below). The ribs which connect the two walls of the hollow block form preferential channels through which water vapour passes (see figure below). These ribs are not made from concrete or insulation, which have much higher values of water vapour resistance than the cement-bonded wood fibre. This peculiarity, added to the complete absence of structural thermal bridges and adequate air circulation, equates to the total elimination of condensation and mould.


No air leaks through walls,

minimizing heat dispersion


Walls made of ISOTEX blocks have been tested for air permeability (see certificate below) with excellent results. This means that there are no air leaks from the walls, therefore minimizing heat loss. Naturally, all the essential qualities of the outer envelope can be further preserved with the use of suitable windows and openings.


Hygrometric tests

Certificate CSI of water vapour permeability

Certificate with air permeability test report



EcovillaggioMontale (MO)

EcovillaggioMontale (MO)

Complesso residenzialeLe Querce (RM)

Complesso residenzialeLe Querce (RM)

Ecovilla A3Modena (MO)

Ecovilla A3Modena (MO)