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ISOTEX responds to all the latest needs in the construction market to reduce costs and deliver earthquake-resistant, energy-saving and acoustically performing buildings by constantly improving its products and making them ever more competitive economically. Add to this ISOTEX’s guarantee of healthy, certified and legally and regulatory compliant products.


Previous model with three ribs and EPS cutted


New model with two ribs and EPS (NEOPOR) printed



The best way to create an effective insulating outer shell is to use cladding. To ensure that the cladding is durable and not-prone to damage it is necessary that the cladding is adequately protected materially.

Isotex’s cement-bonded wood fibre block system provides ideal low maintenance insulation thanks to the shape of the blocks themselves itself. The insulating layer, whose thickness can be as much as 18 cm, is covered by a layer of cement-bonded wood fibre to ensure maximum protection yet breathability.

Isotex’s research and innovation have led to a new block model, significantly improved in terms of thermal insulation and bearing capacity, increased by 45%. Technically speaking, the new blocks have been designed with ribs 2 instead of 3 to allow the layer of insulating material to be significantly more continuous and homogeneous.


Mattoni per pareti classe energetica A4

Migliori mattoni in legno innovativi

The new dual-ribbed block model is a structural improvement over the previous model for the following reasons:

  • The cement ribs formed during casting are perfectly aligned and have constant width. Previously the ribs were narrower and varied irregularly vertically (due to alternation between two ribs and one in the various rows). The new model thus allows a 45% increase in the surface area of the ribs with a 45% increase in vertical load capacity.
  • The length of the crosspieces that horizontally connect the vertical pillars has been reduced by half while their resistance has been increased by 30%
  • Walls made ​​of the new blocks, on the basis of experimental tests, demonstrate greater rigidity and resistance to horizontal forces and reduction in strain while maintaining good ductility.




Isotex highly researched and technically innovative products are also characterized by the highest quality in raw materials and strict conformity with rules and regulations.
Purchasing an Isotex product means acquiring a CE marked and certified product that meets all current standards and regulations and has all the necessary documentation for building tests.
The quality of our products is therefore objectively certified and the seriousness and professionalism with which our quality control checks all incoming material, strictly excluding raw material with impurities, is absolutely verifiable.