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Exterior and interior load-bearing walls from H-form ISOTEX® cement-bonded wood fiber blocks of density 534 ± 10% kg/m³ to be laid dry and staggered by half a block, cast with concrete every 5-6 layers and with a single continuous cavity for concrete casting. The walling is reinforced with horizontal and vertical steel rods at 25 cm intervals and concrete of a consistency of no less than S4. The range of blocks is complete with a number of special units such as half-blocks, corner blocks, flooring curb blocks, architrave blocks and pillar blocks.


The blocks contain EPS inserts made of Neopor® BMBcertTM by BASF, certified by REDcert2 scheme, with 10% recycled content (Isotex Green insert) and 100% recycled content (Isotex Total Green insert). The classification varies according to the percentage of recyclate. The recyclate percentage is achieved through the use of BASF Neopor® BMBcertTM raw material, derived from certified renewable sources, biomass in this case. The blocks will have to contain EPS in graphite Isotex Green (10% recycled) and Isotex Total Green (100% recycled) and have the CE marking in compliance with the European Technical Assessment and the European harmonized standard UNI EN 15498, certifications on the thermal transmittance values “U” according to the European standards UNI EN ISO 6946, UNI 10355 and EN 10211, dynamic thermal and hygrometric characteristics as provided for by D. M 26/06/2015, acoustic tests according to standards UNI EN ISO 140 and UNI EN ISO 717 for sound insulation, UNI EN ISO 354 and UNI EN ISO 11654 for sound absorption, fire resistance tests carried out with the walls loaded according to standards EN 1365-1 and EN 13501-2, the LEPIR2 façade fire behaviour test in accordance with the Decree of the French Ministry of the Interior dated 10/09/1990 and its application protocol, approved by the CECMI on 11/06/2013, and the certifications of materials compliant with green building requirements and the Type III-EPD environmental label in accordance with UNI EN 15804 and ISO 14025 issued by the relevant structures.


The ISOTEX® cement-bonded wood fibre panel system for highly thermo-acoustic insulated horizontal or inclined structures consists of pre-assembled 100 cm x 20/25/30/39 panels of lengths up to 6.5-7 m, with horizontal and vertical cavities to eliminate thermal and acoustic bridges, reinforcing rods and concrete filling. The flooring system is completed on site with reinforcing rods, partitioning wire mesh and concrete casting.

Isotex floor panels and beams are CE marked in accordance with harmonized European standard EN 15037-1, certifications of fire resistance (Resistance, Sealing & Insulation – REI 240), thermal transmittance (Presidential Decree 59/09 and Ministerial Decree 26/06/09), on site acoustic tests in compliance with UNI EN ISO 140 e UNI EN ISO 717, structural testing, and green construction materials certification and the environmental label of third type – EPD in conformity with UNI EN 15840 E ISO 14025 released by competent authorities.