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Residential “Le querce”

A Frascati – Rome (Italy) the first residential center bio-climatic.

Frascati town will host the first center-residential Bio-climate of the center-south Italy. The project was carried out by Camers Invest which was awarded the prestigious prize in Barcelona Endesa in 2009 to promote sustainable construction.

The Bio-architectural project was premiered by Camers Invest, together with the Climate House partner, in the Hall of Mirrors Palace of Marconi, the seat of the municipality of Frascati, on 27 March and then awarded at the end of October in the “Sala Oval the during the presidential dinner as part of the Barcelona Meeting Point 2009. Museu Nacional d’Hart de Catalunya “, in the running for the top prize, organized by Endesa, the Spanish energy company that promotes real estate sustainability, there were 25 finalists , from all over Europe.

The designer Emanuela Musetti comments on the premium received and the Bio-sustainable project  that will be built in the area of ​​Colle Pizzuto: “Our proposal, born thanks to its designer Aldo Testa and designer Arch. Massimo Sodini was recognized for its excellent parameters bioclimatic, for the vegetation cover, for the use of natural materials, for the heating system with summer-winter geothermal energy, for the bioclimatic greenhouse, for the management of the plants with a cutting edge home automation system and other innovative aspects.

Even the mayor of Frascati Tommaso Stefano wanted to express satisfaction with the recognition and the target achieved in Frascati: “I applaud the great result achieved by Emanuela Musetti, brilliant entrepreneur, owner of Camers Invest, which received the award in Barcelona Endesa . The coveted award obtained by our fellow citizens is proof of how Frascati, industrious City, dynamic and forward-looking, expressing great talents which, as I wanted to emphasize on many occasions, have pledged to support and uphold the name of Frascati in Italy and the world and that must be valorized.”

Prizes won

Prize Ecobuilding Paris in 2009 for Best Sustainable Construction

Endesa Barcelona Prize 2009 for Best Eco-friendly Building

Prize Klimahouse trend 2016 Best Sustainable Construction

Casaclima Gold Award in 2016 for Best Bioclimatic Building