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Mogol music school

The house full of notes

Immersed in the Umbrian countryside, it is the home of Giulio Rapetti in art Mogol, where he lives, but it is also the seat of the CET, the school for young musical talents and also a tourist accommodation facility.

A unique house in it’s kind because it was built in the 90s but as a perfect reproduction of the ancient houses of the area. A huge estate of 120 hectares located in Avigliano Umbro, in the province of Terni, in the heart of the greenest region of Italy, completely in tune with the surrounding landscape: here the stone, wood and crystal walls of the house are harmoniously linked to each other. At the center, a long avenue connects the two main areas of the house, from which emerge the notes of “his artists” almost to break the silence of the countryside.

An atmosphere of peace and serenity that Giulio Rapetti, in art Mogol, strongly desired as he decided to build his own home in the places where St. Francis lived. Mogol, artist, lyricist, record producer, who has linked his name and part of the success to the association with Lucio Battisti, leaving a patrimony of songs and emotions that have marked our lives, who lives and who has given life to the CET (Centro Europeo Toscolano), its school created to train and promote new professionals in pop music. We met him in this magical place to talk about his home and how he became what he is today.