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Block specifications

Exterior and interior load-bearing walls from H-form Isotex® cement-bonded wood fibre blocks of density 510 ± 10% kg/m³ to be laid dry and staggered by half a block, cast with concrete every 5-6 layers and with a single continuous cavity for concrete casting

The wall is reinforced with horizontal and vertical steel rods at 25 cm intervals and concrete of a consistency of no less than S4.

The range of blocks is complete with a number of special units such as half-blocks, corner blocks, flooring curb blocks, architrave blocks and pillar blocks.

Structural blocks must have CE markings in accordance with the European Technical Assessment (ETA) and harmonized European standard EN 15498, certification of thermal transmittance (U-value) according to European standards UNI EN ISO 6946, UNI 10355 and EN 10211, thermal and humidity characteristics provided for by Presidential Decree 59/09, acoustic testing according to UNI EN ISO 140 and UNI EN ISO 717, fire resistance testing with loaded walls according to EN 1365-1 and EN 13501-2 and certification of materials in compliance with requirements for green construction building released by competent authorities.

Manufacturers of structural blocks must comply with the “guidelines for load-bearing panel building systems based on the use of blocks and weakly reinforced concrete cast on site” approved by the First Chamber of the Supreme Council of Public Works with opinion 117 of 10/02/2011.


The cement-bonded wood fibre blocks are laid dry, thereby eliminating the various drawbacks of mortar, and subsequently filled with concrete with horizontal and vertical reinforcing rods to create a sound high load bearing structure. These structural characteristics allow use in first and second category seismic areas.

Thanks to excellent workability, the material lends itself to any type of construction. The manageability and ease of installation make Isotex cement-bonded wood fibre blocks particularly suitable for self-build construction. Realizing exterior and interior load-bearing walls with Isotex® cement-bonded wood fibre blocks staggered by half a block, cast with concrete every 5-6 layers to eliminate thermal bridges and with a single continuous vertical cavity for concrete casting, is the fastest and cheapest way to construct.

The range of blocks is complete with a number of special units such as half-blocks, corner blocks, flooring curb blocks, architrave blocks and pillar blocks.

For more detailed technical information on the installation and processing of the blocks, please visit the section on ‘Ease of Installation’.


This construction method meets, with single, simple and quick installation, all regulations relating to seismic safety and thermal and acoustic insulation (with double insulation and thicker external block wall), fully exploiting the characteristics of concrete filling.

The consequence of these characteristics are a comfort liveable interior and considerable energy savings, which translate to lower costs of heating in winter and cooling in summer. Compared with other building materials for the construction of load-bearing walls, Isotex’s block system is the most complete and affordable.

Visit the “Certified Benefits” section which details the performance of homes built with the block Isotex system and related certifications.

With the exclusive use of natural raw materials, after extensive testing, the blocks have been certified environmentally friendly. Constant quality control by Isotex and certification bodies guarantees the highest and most consistent quality.

To request certificates in pdf contact us.


For further information take a look at the catalogue.


Standard blocks are used for current wall

HDIII 44/20
HDIII 38/14
HDIII 38/14
with Cork
HDIII 33/10
HDIII 30/7
HB 44/15-2
HB 30/19
HB 25/16
HB 20

Laying Blocks

Instruction video for laying Isotex woodcement Blocks

Isotex Academy

1° Video – Correct pose of the first course



The special blocks complete the range by facilitating the pose and installation of external or internal corners (UNI), shoulders (Spalle) for doors and windows, lintels, pieces (Ausg) of high to reach the floor slab, and pieces (Correa) for isolation of the border beam of the floor slabs

Half block for shoulder 44 cm
Pass block da 30/33/38/44 cm
Shoulder block 38-44 cm
Corner block (UNI) 38-44 cm for corner
Corner block (UNI) 30-33 cm for corners and shoulders
Blocks with corners as preferred (thicknesses 25 – 30 – 33 – 38 cm)
Floor slab block:
X= a piacere; Y= a piacere; Z= X + Y
Pillar block: 33 cm section of concrete 25×38 cm, 38 cm section of concrete 30×38 cm
Block to the inner corners of 30-33-38-44 cm

View summary table of all the blocks