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Isotex is poised to revolutionise the UK market

The Isotex building system once again flies beyond the national borders and lands in the United Kingdom, where, in addition to building relationships with important partners, it is ready to revolutionise the market in this sector. CEO Loris Chinello and his son Cristian Chinello, Head of the Foreign Office, aim to expand further by bringing all the advantages of the Isotex wood-concrete building system across the Channel, where they recently visited.

It was an opportunity to meet with a number of industry professionals, real estate, clients and retailers to discuss the trends in the UK construction market and to discuss the different building systems and innovations that Isotex can bring to the country’s existing construction industry.

In the last few years we have already realised several buildings in the UK, but with this new meeting at presence, there are all the prerequisites to start further important collaborations,” said Isotex Srl’s Managing Director, Mr. Loris Chinello, who was particularly satisfied after returning from his trip to the UK. “There are several construction sites in the pipeline such as residential quarters and social housing, of which we have viewed projects and received important information and feedback.


Isotex, all the advantages in a single construction system

Currently, Isotex Srl has more than 400,000 buildings around the world to its credit that can take advantage of the benefits this construction system provides. More in detail we are talking about:

  • Earthquake safety
  • Fire resistance (REI120-REI240)
  • Fire reaction B,s1-d0
  • Excellent facade fire behaviour (Lepir2 test)
  • Energy saving
  • Thermal inertia
  • Vapour and air permeability
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Speed in installation and reduction of building site costs
  • Sustainability and low CO2 and VOC emissions

These are all essential features for living in safety and excellent living comfort and make the Isotex wood-concrete construction system unique in the world.

80,000 m2 of Isotex material always available to the customer

Why did we choose the UK market?

Wanting to open up to a market as demanding as it is thriving like the UK is a strategic choice for Isotex. “On a daily basis, we continue to receive frequent requests of information and material purchase from the UK market,” explained Cristian Chinello, Foreign Office Manager of Isotex Srl, “so developing and increasing this market is fundamental for several factors.”

First and foremost, satisfying all requests and customer types such as:

  • Architects,
  • engineers,
  • Developers,
  • Real Estate,
  • Construction companies,
  • Self-builders.

All these figures contribute to the growth of Isotex in the market as the material (blocks, slabs, partitions and sound barrier elements), lends itself perfectly for the construction of public and residential and civil structures such as single villas, social housing and multi-storey structures, state and non-state buildings. It is equally well suited for ease and speed of installation for users such as self-builders, who are very popular in the UK.

“We believe that this market is very desirable as the increase in population and the incessant demand for new housing means that the UK is not meeting the demand in the construction industry and specialized labour (brick layer) is increasingly difficult to source implying high costs,” explained Cristian Chinello.

In a fast and innovative economic system, Isotex Wood Cement Blocks and Slabs readily satisfy all these demands while maintaining the highest levels of fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, steam permeability and structural (earthquake-proof) characteristics.

But there’s more: the strategic geographic position that the UK occupies is further spurring Isotex Srl to invest further in potential production directly on-site, when the market is ready, of course.

Isotex production building in Poviglio (RE) – Italy

Isotex offices in Poviglio (RE) – Italy

Isotex projects and collaborations in the UK

For some years now, Isotex has been developing important relationships with suppliers and customers in the UK and interest in the building system has been growing. In fact, in recent years Isotex has supplied more than 300 buildings of different types in the UK, such as individual houses, townhouses, multi-storey buildings and apartment houses. There is much interest in the use of Isotex wood cement products, even for public buildings.

There is also an important future ahead for Isotex in the UK given the considerable interest from various professionals. “We will do everything in our power to put our collaborators, customers and technicians in the best possible conditions, providing extreme product quality and the utmost professionalism of the services that Isotex has been providing for years,” concludes Foreign Office Manager Mr. Cristian Chinello.


Residential complex of 5 terraced villas – United Kingdom


Luxury villa – United Kingdom


Multi-family building – United Kingdom


Detached villa – United Kingdom