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Device Frame

If the ISOTEX flooring to be produced has not already been calculated by the structural engineer, it will be calculated by our Technical Department.
Our engineers will then send the calculations and drawings for assembly to the structural engineer and the customer for confirmation before commissioning production.

Therefore, to calculate the floorings, structural drawings should be sent with information on loads to be considered and the type of flooring structure to be used.


Flooring Panel S20

Flooring Panel S25

Flooring Panel S30

Flooring Panel S39



The trellis is packed in such a way as to ensure its lifting and in such a way as to be able to carry out the completion casting in absolute safety.
More precisely:

1) in the lifting phase it is stressed by its own weight and considered suspended in two points placed at L / 4 from the ends;

2) in the casting phase it is considered disposed on supports with a center distance of 170 cm and stressed by its own weight and by the weight of the fluid concrete.

The integrative reinforcement is inserted in the factory, in the quantity established by the designer of the structures; it can be sized and checked with reference to the final section. The collaboration between the completion casting and the joist thrown into the factory is ensured by the truss, which protrudes from the first stage casting for at least 4 cm; an adequate limitation of the tangential calculation voltages avoids the specific reinforcement arrangement for cutting. There is the possibility of making transversal ribs (perpendicular to the roofing of the floor). It is sufficient to provide for the use of lowered wood cement cupped elements.


For plastering operations, see the instructions section for plasters. It is essential to use the plaster-carrying net, to be inserted about half the thickness of the base coat, which must have a thickness as uniform as possible of 15mm. Furthermore, it is necessary to wait 5-6 days between the base coat and the finish of grass or gypsum.