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One of the ways to thermally insulate a wall is to apply a consistent layer of insulation to the outside of the wall. To ensure maximum durability of this insulation over time, to prevent the insulation from detaching or being damaged due to impact or hail and to prevent cracks in the finishing plasters, resulting from expansion or settlement, it is advisable to protect it appropriately (protective coat).


The construction system with ISOTEX formwork blocks ensures that the Neopor® BMBcertTM by BASF insulation, inserted in the internal part of the formwork block, is protected by a layer of wood-cement which guarantees maximum protection while also allowing it to breathe. In this way an excellent “protective coat” insulation is obtained, which will last over time, without the need for maintenance.
The ISOTEX “protective coat” guarantees excellent adhesion and hold for plasters and adhesives, it can therefore be covered with exposed bricks, tiles or stone – improving the building’s look even more- and also create ventilated facades.

Various processing steps for porcelain stoneware cladding (BOLOGNA)

Application of strips (PARMA)

Application of natural stone (MODENA)

Marble application (PARMA)

Beaded and stone application (LITUANIA)

Application of tiles (BOLOGNA)

External side with ceramic cladding and internal side with ventilated wall (MILAN)