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The special piece named “UNI” is placed for corners with 30 cm thick blocks. On the 30 cm block side the long 45 cm block named PASS is inserted to take the interval to 25 cm (30 + 45 = 75 cm). Then, along the two directions of the walling 50 cm blocks can be laid. On the next layer the UNI piece is cross-positioned to bond the angle, repeating the procedure as above (45 cm block in the direction of the 30 cm thick UNI block).
Before positioning the UNI blocks an opening of the same dimensions as the standard blocks must created internally to enable connection of the horizontal reinforcing and passage of the concrete. 45 cm PASS block packages have green straps.

The indicated reinforcing is a suggestion only. Please refer to plans adequately prepared by the structure designer for the specific situation.