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Isotex products lead the market not only for research and technical innovation, but also for high quality of materials and strict conformity with laws and regulations.
Purchasing an Isotex product means acquiring a CE marked and certified product that meets all current standards and regulations and has all the necessary documentation for building tests.


On 1st July 2013 the Construction Products Regulation (EU Reg. No. 305/2011) entered into force to replace the former Construction Products Directive (Dir. 89/106 / EEC). Isotex has already adapted to this new regulation, submitting a ” Declaration Of Performance ” (Annex III of the Regulation) for all its products and thereby being granted use of the CE mark.

If you wish to receive the DoP of any of our CE marked products in .pdf format, just send a request to [email protected] In any case, a paper copy of the DoP is usually supplied with the product.

Regulation UE n°305 2011Download
Regulation UE n°574 2014Download
Regulatory extract EN 15498 – Table ZA1 CE Marking Blocks formwork in woodcementDownload
ISO 9001 quality certification obtained in 1999 - DNVDownload
Certificate of conformity CPF floorslabs - AENORDownload
Determination of water vapour trasmission proprieties CSIDownload
Test report - Mechanical resistance EN 1607 ITCDownload
Test report LAMBDADownload
Fire reaction classification with insulationDownload
Fire reaction classification without insulationDownload
Test repport - Durability EN 15498Download


Even before the entry into force of the European Technical Standards, Isotex Srl obtained European Technical Approval (ETA) for Isotex’s cement-bonded wood fibre block walling systems from the ITC-CNR (Institute for Construction Technologies of the Italian National Research Council).

European Technical Assessment (ETA)Download
ISO 9001 quality certification obtained in 1999 - DNVDownload
Certificate of conformity CPF-0970-CPR-0075/CE/FPC13 (ITC)Download


We are firmly committed to these principles as, in addition to using natural materials, we continuously strive for significant goals in energy saving, interior and exterior noise reduction (Reg. Determination of passive acoustic requirements of buildings of 5/12/97), elimination of condensation and mould and non-toxicity of products. We do all this to “improve the quality of life” of who will live in buildings of this technology.

Isotex is certified by ANAB-ICEA (Italian National Association for Green Construction) and its products are subject to regular and rigorous checks by the certifying body ICEA (Environment and Ethics Certification Institute) for green construction material certification. In addition to green construction certifications, Isotex has LEED credit certification for structural cement blocks made with wood chips.

Certificate of conformity - Eco building material - ANAB/ICEADownload
Radioactivity absence certificateDownload
Guidelines for design LEED and ITACA sustenability protocolsDownload
EPD Wood cement formwork blocksDownload
EPD Wood cement formwork slabsDownload
EPD Wood cement element for acoustic barriersDownload
EPD Isotex Registration certificateDownload


Superior Council of Public Works


Interpretative report and experimental tests


Technical dossier ANIT - Thermal InsulationDownload
Test report - Absence of rising dampDownload
Air Impermeability - Blower door testDownload
Test report - Vapour permeabilityDownload
Test report LAMBDADownload
Certificate HB 25/16Download
Certificate floorslabs - footfall noiseDownload
Certificate floorslabs - aircraft noiseDownload
Technical dossier ANIT - Acoustic InsulationDownload
Certificate CSTB fire resistance Block REI120Download
Test extract N. RS12-042Download
Certificate CSI fire resistance floorslabs REI 240Download
Test extract N° CSI1776FRDownload
Fire reaction classification without insulationDownload
Fire reaction classification with insulationDownload