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How it is convenient to use wood cement blocks and slab floors Isotex compared to other construction materials?

The convenience of ISOTEX than other building systems


    • 20% more thermal insulation than the previous 3-ribs block.
    • 30% savings on your gas bill.
    • Over the past seven years Italy has suffered 5 devastating earthquakes : buildings made with Isotex blocks have not suffered any damage or injury.
    • High noise insulation that allows you to achieve maximum results obtained in this field you reach Class I.
    • Fire resistance certified by REI120 and REI240 certifications.
    • Use of natural materials and production processes with low environmental impact certified by ICEA / ANAB Certification for Green Building, LEED ecredits and ITHACA Protocol.
    • With one operation of easy and fast installation, ISOTEX, allows the reduction of construction time and costs.


    • Wooden houses
      The fabrication process of wooden structures involves the use of chemical adhesives for the assembly of several layers. The end product is not always completely natural and biocompatible.
      The wood is treated with particular paints to resist atmospheric agents, molds and insects: a solution that is not confirmed 100% green.
      The wooden structure is light, therefore not very massive, and therefore with low thermal inertia and low acoustic insulation, aspects that go to the detriment of home comfort.
      Wooden structures have poor fire resistance.
    • Polystyrene blocks
      Polystyrene makes up 100% of the formwork which, in the event of a fire, burns emanating gases and substances that are toxic to human health and the environment.
    • Cellular concrete blocks
      The walls made of cellular concrete blocks are very light and are characterized by a low thermal inertia and low acoustic insulation, penalizing the living comfort.
      The lack of reinforcements inside of the structure can imply anti-seismic limits.
    • Coat
      Insulation applied to the exterior of the wall, therefore vulnerable in case of collisions or hail.
      In some cases it is difficult to apply coatings on the coat.
      There are different qualities of coat at different prices, you have to pay close attention and do in-depth studies on laying to avoid unpleasant surprises.